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Contoh Soal Toefl | Latihan Tes TOEFL – Bahasa Inggris adalah bahasa internasional yang dijadikan penghubung komunikasi dalam berbahasa. Di era globalisasi seperti sekarang ini, kemampuan dalam berbahasa inggris merupakan hal yang sangat penting. Dalam melamar kerja, biasanya terdapat syarat nilai toefl. Ketika ikut tes CPNS pun, terkadang terdapat materi tes Bahasa Inggris. Dalam wawancara tes kerja, terkadang ada pula yang menggunakan Bahasa Inggris. Nilai toefl dijadikan acuan perusahaan dalam mengetahui kemampuan seseorang akan berbahasa inggris. Di dalam toefl sendiri mencakup kemampuan akan reading, listening, dan structure.


Berikut ini akan LINTAS TERBARU tampilkan beberapa Contoh Soal TOEFL | Latihan Tes TOEFL, namun yang saya berikan contoh adalah soal yang terdapat di bagian stucture dan reading =

Section 2: Structure
This section is designed to measure your ability to recognize language that is appropriate for standard written English.

1. The Eiffel Tower ___________ Paris, France.
a. landmarks
b. is landmarked in
c. is a landmark in
d. is in a landmark

2. Young deer _________
a. are called fawns
b. be fawns
c. is fawns
d. are fawns called

3.  Not until a dog is several months old does it begin to exhibit signs of independence ___________
a. it s mother from
b. from mother
c. to mother
d. from its mother

4. The Treasury Department take a new look at regulations limiting the b.number of interest that bank and c.savings, and loan associations d.can pay on deposits.

5. a.Him should careful with that vase because is very old d.and extremely fragile.

6. The repair shop a.keep my cassette player for six weeks before b.returning it, c.nevertheless, still does not work properly.

7. To score a goal in soccer you ________
a. must kick the ball
b. must kicks the ball
c. may kick them ball
d. must kick them balls

8. The observation deck at the Sears Tower  _________ in Chicago.
a. is highest than any other one
b. is highest than any other one
c. is higher than any other one
d. is higher that any other one

9. If it _________ so cloudy, we wo uld plan o n having the fair o utside.
a. was
b. was not
c. weren’t
d. had not

10. At the 1984 Democratic National Convention in San Francisco, Geraldine Ferraro became the first woman _________ for the vice presidency.
a. to being nominated
b. to has been nominated
c. to have been nominated
d. to will be nominated

11. Pear l  Buck, a.a recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize b.for Literature in 1938 c.strove to bring understanding and peace d.on everyone.

12. In most  circumstances a.the person that owns the property b.can claim the rights money made d.from drilling oil on their property.

13.  _______ chocolate will give you a tummy ache.
a. Eat too much
b. Eating to much
c. Eating too much
d. Eating too many

14. If she ____________ to advance her clock one hour, she wouldn’t have been late
for work.
a. should have remembered
b. could remembered
c. remembered
d. would have remembered

15. It a.was obvious from his response in the press conference b.that the candidate c.prepare his answers d.well.

16. A dream about falling _________
a. scary is
b. is scary
c. are scary
d. very scary is

17. George Washington _________first U. S. President.
a. was the
b. became
c. were the
d. are the

18. Amelia Earhart was _______________ to pilot her plane across the Atlantic
a. the first and a woman
b. the first woman
c. who the first woman
d. the woman who first

19. a.Crawfish farming b.have been practiced in south Louisiana c.for many d.years.

20. The main purpose a.of this class is to you better understand the c.history of there country, and how came to be.


Section 3: Reading
This section is designed to measure your ability to read and understand short passages similar in topic and style to tho se that students are likely to encounter in North American universities and colleges. This section contains reading passages and questions about the passages.


Leonardo da Vinci was born on Apr il 15, 1452 in Vinci, Italy.  He was the illegitimate son of Ser Piero, a Florentine notary and landlord, but lived o n the estate and was treated as a legitimate son.

In 1483, Leonardo da Vinci drew the first model of a helico pter. It did not look very much like our modern day “copter,” but the idea of what it could do was about the same.

Leonardo was an artist and sculptor. He was very interested in motion and movement and tried to show it in his art. In order to show movement, he found it helpful to study the way things moved. One subject he liked to study was birds and how they flew. He spent many hours watching the birds and examining the structure of their wings. He noticed how they cupped air with their wings and how the feathers helped hold the air. Through these studies, Leonardo began to understand how birds were able to fly.

Like many other men, Leonardo began to dream of the day when people would be able to fly. He designed a machine that used all the things he had learned about flight, and thus became the first model of a helicopter.

Poor Leonardo had only one problem, however.  He had no way to give the necessary speed to his invention. You see, motors had not yet been invented and speed was an important part of the flying process. It would be another four hundred years before the engine was invented and another fifty years before it was put to the test in an airplane. Leonardo’s dream of a helicopter finally came to pass in 1936.

The Italian painter, sculptor, architect, engineer, and scientist, Leonardo died on May 2, 1519, and was buried in the cloister of San Fio rentino in Amboise.

1.  What is the author’s main point?
a. The invention of the helicopter.
b. Birds cup air with their wings and use feathers to help hold the air.
c. An overview of one of Leonardo da Vinci’s many skills.
d. Leonardo da Vinci was born in 1452 and died in 1519.

2.  The word problem in paragraph five could best be replaced by the word:
a. dilemma
b. mistake
c. danger
d. pain

3.  The word it in paragraph two refers to:
a. Leonardo da Vinci
b. The first model helicopter
c. 1483
d. motion and movement

4. Which paragraph explains why Leonardo ’s helicopter was not successful in his lifetime:
a. paragraph 1
b. paragraph 2
c. paragraph 4
d. paragraph 5

5. The word illegitimate in paragraph one is closest in meaning to:
a. against the law or illegal
b. not in correct usage
c. incorrectly deduced; illogical
d.  born out of wedlock

6. The fo llowing sentence would best complete which paragraph? “Since then people have been living out Leonardo’s dream of flying.”
a. paragraph 3
b. paragraph 4
c. paragraph 5
d. paragraph 2

7. What was the main problem with Leonardo ’s invention?
a. motors were not yet invented
b. the birds lost their feathers
c. he was illegitimate
d. he couldn’t draw

8. The word they in the third paragraph refers to:
a. the feathers
b. the birds
c. the studies
d. the wings

9. In what year was the first helicopter flown
a. 1483
b. 1452
c. 1519
d. 1936

10. What two things did birds have that Leonardo da Vinci noticed helped them to
a. wings and beaks
b. feathers and talons
c. wings and feathers
d. cups and feathers

11. The word thus in the fourth paragraph could best be replaced by:
a. Hence
b. After
c. Unsuitably
d. Inappropriately

Glass fibers are extremely strong; for their weight, they are stronger than steel. They are made by forcing molten g lass through tiny holes called spinnerets. As many as four hundred spinnerets are placed together, and threads of glass much thinner than
human hairs are drawn off at great speed-miles of thread per minute. As they speed
along, the threads are coated thinly with a type of glue and twisted into a yarn. The glass fibers are used with plastics to make boats and car bodies. They are also woven into heavy cloth for window draperies and into strong belts for making tires stronger.

A special kind of glass fiber is causing a revolution in communications. A signal of light can be made to travel along the fiber for very long distances. By changing the quality of the light, many messages can be sent at once along one strand of glass. New
office build ings are being “wired” with glass fibers as they are built.  The glass fibers will be used to connect telephones and computers in ways that not long ago were either impossible or too  expensive.

Glass wool traps air in a thick, light blanket of fibers. This blanket is then put into  walls and ceilings to keep warm air in during the winter and cool air in during the summer.

To make glass wool, molten glass is fed into a spinning drum with many holes in it. As the glass threads stream out of the ho les, they are forced downward by a blast of hot air and through a spray of glues. The threads are then further blown about to mic them up as they fall in a thick mat on a moving belt.

The glass we see through and drink out of has many, many other uses besides the ones described here.

12. What was the author’s main purpose in writing the article?
a. To info rm you how special kinds of glass are made and used
b. To persuade you to investigate the many uses of glass beyond those mentioned in the article
c. To inform you about the strength of glass fibers
d. To inform you that glue is used to hold strands of glass together

13. The word special in the second paragraph is closets in meaning to:
a. Distinct among others of a kind
b. Additional
c. Common
d. Species

14. Glass fibers are made by forcing molten glass through:
a. Spinners
b. Spiderets
c. Spinnerets
d. Spinets

15. The word changing in the second paragraph could best be replaced by the word:
a. Altering
b. Boring
c. Bringing
d. Doing

16. What are glass fibers woven into cloth for?
a. Draperies
b. Cars and boats
c. Glasses
d. Glue

17. The word fed in the fourth paragraph means:
a. To give food to
b. To minister to
c. To support
d. To supply

18. The word they in the second sentence of the first paragraph refers to:
a. Human hair
b. Weight
c. Glass fibers
d. Yarn

19. The word it in the fourth paragraph refers to:
a. Molten glass
b. Glass wool
c. Spinning drum
d. Holes

20. The following sentence would best complete which paragraph? “This improvement in technology is expected to continue.”
a. Paragraph 1
b. Paragraph 2
c. Paragraph 3
d. Paragraph 4

21. A signal of what can be made to travel along fiber for very long distances?
a. Heat
b. Wave
c. Wool
d. Light

22. The word spray in the fourth paragraph could best be replaced by the word:
a. Shower
b. Blow
c. Spit
d. Force

Answer Key

Structure =

Reading =

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